And now, a fun game the kids love,  "9 Doug Spice Fun Facts and A Lie!"

– "Doug Spice" is Doug Spice's real name.
– Doug has broken a thumb, two fingers, and two metacarpals playing softball. No one can make him stop.
– Need a lift? Doug is a certified forklift operator in the state of Wisconsin. Unless that expires. Which it probably does.
– Doug learned how to drive in a right-hand drive car.
– If you ever owned a copy of Titanic on VHS, the odds are good that Doug's hands personally touched it.
– Doug has been to Chernobyl twice.
– Doug's camera case was once violently searched by the Secret Service.
– Doug once had an encounter with a wild mountain lion in Griffith Park.
– Doug briefly owned a motorcycle. He can show you the scars.
– Several fun facts were rejected from this list due to containing answers to online security questions.