"Dulce Et Decorum Est" - a short film about war

In 1917, while recovering from shell shock in a Scottish war hospital, Wilfred Owen wrote 'Dulce Et Decorum Est,' considered by many to be the preeminent poem of World War I. Owen was later returned to the front, only to be shot and killed on November 4, 1918 – one week before the end of the war. Today, 95 years later, tens of thousands of US and NATO troops serve out a 10th year of combat in Afghanistan, and continue to struggle and die against a resilient and determined enemy. Doug Spice's single-take short film, also entitled 'Dulce Et Decorum Est,' adapts Owen's classic poem to the circumstances of the modern day, and a situation of grief and torment all too many soldiers, families, and friends are once again familiar with.

Behind-the-scenes images:

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