Hi! I'm a 2D/3D designer, animator, and on-the-box art director with a background in cinema and live action storytelling, but I've worked on projects as diverse as broadcast graphics packages, social media promos, game UI, feature film VFX and FUI, titles, environmental graphics, and more. My hands-on skills include After Effects, Cinema4D, Premiere, Octane, Redshift, particle systems, and more. I'm comfortable wearing many hats and stepping in at any stage of a project. I've also mentored and developed internal talent and helped plan and structure productions and teams at agencies and studios.
I have been fortunate to work for such varied and interesting clients as Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Yahoo, UniVision, Viacom, Cloud Imperium Games (Star Citizen), the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, ESL, USC, Harvard, Clemson University, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, LA County's Disaster Management Agency, and many more. Whether building a network graphics package, a broadcast or social spot, or helping to get the word out about matters of true life and death, I have been fortunate to work along with some great people and contribute to a wide variety of projects.
"3 Fun Facts and A Lie!"
   •  Doug Spice is my real legal birth name.
   •  I have been to Chernobyl, twice.
   •  I have a bionic leg.
   •  I once had a face-to-face encounter with a mountain lion in the wild.
I'm currently available for freelance work and am located in Los Angeles.
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