A few styleframes (out of quite a few more produced by myself and others) for Marvel's Avengers video game. The direction given was to stay within existing branding (meaning no structural changes to main logo itself), but to incorporate visual references to crystals, which the plot of the game involved in some way.
A C4D/X-Particles fabric sim of the Scottish "Rampant Lion" battle flag, designed as collateral for Netflix's original film Outlaw King. Not sure if this one ever got used anywhere. This was designed to very precisely mimic the flag used in the film itself, down to the location of wear and tears in the fabric, mud on the surface, etc.
This was to be used as a transition and background asset across a huge variety of deliverables designed for display on dozens of OOH screens in Times Square and LA Live.
Look development of a branding piece for Sony's 2019 adaptation of Little Women, modeled and rendered out in 3D based on late 19th century period-correct brooches.
Concept designs for a premiere screening event for Netflix's post-apocalyptic high school comedy, Daybreak. The concept was to convert a parking lot into a Mad Max style demolition derby which could then also be converted into a drive-in theater of sorts to showcase the episodes for the premiere.
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