I was handed the reigns on this update of Yahoo's existing fantasy football spots, and it was immediately off to the races. The challenge? Extend what had been 6 second spots to full :30s and :15s for broadcast and social. Having only limited shots to work with, I went all out with an energetic, chaotic edit built around big titles (with a lot of Yattitude), graphical cutaways and re-scales/re-times. I pulled out a whole bag of tricks including tracking, roto, CGI cheese spray and teeth, AI upscaling, and more.

In total, 7 variations of the spots were produced. See two of them here!
Produced at Troika
Lead Producer: Divya Joseph
Producer: Clara Alfaro
Producer (for Yahoo!): Libby Luna
Creative Director (Troika): Derich Wittliff
Edit/Graphics: Doug Spice
Audio Mix: Jeff Dodson/Runsilent
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